Matsuri Digital - .Various - Sympathy in Chaos 4

Sympathy in Chaos 4

Label: Matsuri Digital
Genre: Ambient / Chill out
Release Date: 08 February 2019

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CD Album

Sympathy in Chaos 4



Matsuri Digital continues its revival of the 90s electronic underground scene with the release of Sympathy in Chaos 4. This fourth instalment in a famous series of downtempo music compiled by Tsuyoshi Suzuki comes 21 years after the first disc in the series was issued and 19 since the last, yet the vision and vibe are the same. The release is filled with funky, groovy, trippy atmospheric productions from musicians both in Japan and across the globe. Featuring a wide array of artists, from longtime Matsuri favourites Prana, Joujouka, and Ubar Tmar, Jikooha to international friends such as Banco de Gaia, and N.sof and Skizologic, this compilation features a wide-ranging variety of musical styles in a mind-expanding flow that is sure to delight electronica fans worldwide who are interested in breaking boundaries and exploring sonic soundscapes. Packaged with a Bonus CD - Prana - "Prana Tracks 93-95" Remastered by Samy CPU


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