post modern music - .Various - Spiritual Linguistics

Spiritual Linguistics

Label: post modern music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 25 December 2018

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Digital Album

Spiritual Linguistics



Linguistics, the scientific study of language, has traditionally analysed human language through the observation of interplays between sound and meaning, describing how languages encode relations between entities, properties and other aspects of the world to convey, process and assign meaning to the process we call life. Music represents a unique language with its roots in the application of science and spirituality, representing one of the strongest channels for the human to enhance his/her connection with the self. The language of music has been key in the growth and development of the human psyche, both at the levels of the individual and the community. Through this compilation, V.A Spiritual Linguistics, Mrinal has brought together musicians from different global cultures and communities, weaving a web of intricately constructed sounds to provide the listener with a transcendental experience connecting with the language of Music. credits Artwork: Benzai Tennyo Art (Evelyn Osborne) Mastering: Bruno Biomekanik @ Biolabs Berlin (except track 03 - Mastered by Dojo Doss AKA Haemogoblin) Compiled by: Mrinal ( Z


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