ProggNRoll Records - ANCESTRAL SOUNDS - 4th Dimension

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Digital Album

4th Dimension



Ancestral Sounds is back with 2 new smashers! We are proud to present an outstanding EP '4th Dimension'! Ancestral Sounds is the Psytrance/Progressive project of Maximiliano Rocamora from Argentina, started on 2016. Falling in love with all genres of electronic music for many years, in 2011, he chooses psytrance to begin the production journey, so in 2016 'Ancestral Sounds' come to life. After two years making progressive/psytrance releases for many labels, Ancestral Sounds joins the Progg'N'Roll family, so expect many releases to come this year under the high-quality standard of Progg'N'Roll Records. Ancestral Sounds aims to sound energic and progressive, keeping the roots of progressive psytrance alive, rolling basslines, psychedelic synths, and melodies to make every track a story.


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