ProggNRoll Records - X-NOVA - Serotonin Rush

Serotonin Rush

Label: ProggNRoll Records
Genre: Electronica
Release Date: 20 March 2020

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Digital Album

Serotonin Rush



X-Nova is back! We are happy to present Serotonin Rush! X-Nova (or Twisted Nova) is a fresh psytrance project founded in 2017 by Ivan Popov aka pinz. Based in Haslev, Denmark the projects aim to create energizing and experimental psychedelic tunes of a wide spectrum. While focusing primarily on progressive psytrance tunes, X-Nova is no stranger to slower bpm, as long as it carries beyond with relentless groove and positive vibe. While being fascinated with electronic music somewhere back from early 2000s, when the first Prodigy cassette was discovered, the real deep love for underground rave music developed somewhere around 2010s, after visiting numerous psychedelic trance parties around Copenhagen. At the same time, some of the first tries to create own music were made in a cellar. After a huge pause of around 5 years, new attempts were made and in summer 2017 a decision to create a proper psychedelic trance project finally formed and the first contract was signed.


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