ProggNRoll Records - ECLECTIC ATTACK, ALEXANDRA GOLDBERG - Back To The Universe New

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"Progg'N'Roll Records is very excited to present a great release from 'Eclectic Attack' featuring 'Alexandra Goldberg' called 'Back To The Universe'! Eclectic Attack is a new psytrance project by Alexander Divinsky from Moscow. He first became interested in psytrance culture when it was in the underground in Moscow back in 1999. Fractals, lasers, strobe lights, smoke, blizzards of artificial snow on the dancefloor, fluorescent lamps and the spirit of pacifism, infinite happiness, deep self-knowledge, made a strong impression. And from that moment it became clear that through music you can feel cosmic power, the unity of people and express what you can't always say in words. Music never lies and makes all your dreams come true. For a long time, creating music was for a hobby, for friends, but over time everything changed when everyone around began to notice the level of quality of the material. Melodic music with a volume dense sound and strong vibe, full on dynamic, lovely breaks, great original vocal from Alexandra Goldberg with psyfuture elements and warm analog sound, loved in different parts of our home - planet Earth. This was confirmed by concluding contracts with such major labels as Progg'N'Roll Records (Serbia), Goa Records (USA), DaCosta Records (Ireland), Anunnaki Records (Brazil), Espiral Records (Brazil), Protonic Records (Israel) and this is only at start. The most interesting thing waiting for us in the future! The one who lives in a trance lives in the future! With music you can dream the impossible."


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