ProggNRoll Records - E-CAMP - Psycho Delic

Psycho Delic

Label: ProggNRoll Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 11 January 2021

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Digital Album

Psycho Delic



"Progg'N'Roll Records is proud to present another blasting single track, this time from the 'E - Camp' project called 'Psycho Delic'! E - Camp is a Progressive Psytrance project, From Spain Born in Argentina. From a very young age passionate about music at 6 years old, following in his father's footsteps on the trumpet. playing in youth bands and more with the passage of time in Mariachi music. When attending a Trance Party for the first time, invited by his two best friends, getting more interested in style, he discovered Psytrance in 2013 and from that moment began his career as a Dj - Producer Psytrance. Playing in various stages, together with Fiesta Psy Rosario - Rosario Psy - Atnight and presenting in different cities such as Rosario, Santa Fe, and Victoria. In 2016 he had the opportunity to have shared a Stand with Phanatic. The artist's characteristic is marked by his dark melodies and bass. that make you have a complete journey by listening to his music."


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