Zen Mode

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Zen Mode



"We are more than happy to welcome a super talented Project 'Aspect' and to release his debut EP on our label called Zen mode!Aspect Project is Milan Jovanovic 04.01.1988 born in Uzice Serbia. He was just a little boy when he started electronic music. First love was trance music, especially Psy, Progressive, and Goa Trance. Later he became interested in Techno, Tech, Progressive House sound. Inspired by his idols, he decided to follow the same route. After years of exercise, he managed to be very successful in performing works of this kind of music. In recent years, he has devoted his attention to music production founded a project called Aspect. His music consists of deep bass, cheerful melodies with psy-progressive, it moves the crowd and guarantees that you will have a good time. Full of ideas and inspiration, he is now creating his own music. He has many performances in Serbia and the region. In 2019, he joined the Progg N Roll records family and they continue their work there in full force! In 2020, he became a member of the DIGITAL NEXUS Organization founded in April 2007. We organize events that bring together like-minded people in psychedelic culture, and our goal is to educate and guide real value systems such as nature conservation, drawing attention to humanity, love, and harmony among people. -Our goal is to bring together artists and people who love the art of all generations, in beautiful natural surroundings. Digital Nexus brings together those who understand the law and the essence of the point, which is the connecting and socializing, cultural, positive, energetic, and civilized people on the same wavelength with the music which hides the magic... EP Zen Mode is two tracks with an amazingly deep, progressive sound, epicarp melodies that will hug your soul."


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