Power House - .Various - Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds Are Forever

Label: Power House
Genre: Progressive
Release Date: 20 January 2014

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CD Album

Diamonds Are Forever



Compiled by Side Winder and Dr.Spook. Side Winder and Dr. Spook have been given a special top secret mission to tranceport 20 highly prized diamonds across dangerous international dance floors on behest of the Queen's own personal royal DJ, John 00 Fleming in this hot new episode of Power House Records feature length extravaganza. This Progressive Psychedelic Goa Trance adventure will take you around the world and back again for a fun filled yet daring thrill ride featuring some of the globes hottest producers playing key roles along the way. Timewave, Magnus, John 00 Fleming and E-Clip, Side Winder, Liquid Soul, Ace Ventura, Vibrasphere, Alucard, Fatali, Tegma and Ovnimoon star on CD1. DNA, Mickey Noise, Axone, Aladiah, E-Mantra, Artifact 303, Reasonadu, Life Style, Silicon Sound, John 00, The Digital Blonde, Protoculture, Flow Job, Anton Chemikov, Tamir Ozana (aka Atomic Pulse), Airwave, Astropilot, Lyctum and Simon Firth are all packed into the 2nd half of this harrowing and spell binding trip to keep these astonishingly valuable diamond treasures safe in your CD book. Your secret audio bombs have never been released on CD until their debut here in this epic collection. Your limited edition double disc is jam packed with top shelf selections and highly polished gems. Make sure it becomes part of your family jewels before it's too late!


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