Parvati Records - .Various - Parvati Records 20th Anniversary (2000-2020)

Parvati Records 20th Anniversary (2000-2020)

Label: Parvati Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 04 September 2020

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Digital Album

Parvati Records 20th Anniversary (2000-2020)



Now after years and years of label-activity on Earth we feel there is no better way to celebrate the BIG NUMBER 20 than a double V/A. Carefully handpicked, these tracks are sought to represent not only a token of our gratitude for contiously welcoming Parvati Records in this scene through dance, love and unity, but also sought to represent the diversity of the styles that the Parvati roster offers. While some of the tracks ideally would transpose your mindset to a jungle party under the scorching sun, other tracks assumably brings you back to a fresh mountain party under the spectacle of a full moon. We would like to think there is something in this basket of goods for the whole family. We have, just as you, gone through a challenging and obscure time lately, those feet are longing to dance and that kinship out there between you all are wholeheartedly missed. Since Free Earth Festival 2020 did not occur for obvious and tragic reasons we are waiting with heavy hearts and much appreciation and anticipations for Parvati Stage at the 2021 Edition. With full force we hope just as you do to see the culture of psy-trance music physically rise again like a phoenix. Rejoice, for you have not see the last of our feet. Psychedelically Yours Parvati Records


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