Parvati Records - ELOWINZ - Sananga


Label: Parvati Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 19 October 2016

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Digital Album




Parvati Records is more then happy to present you the first EP of brasilian producer Elowinz. Title of the EP is ?Sananga? words for a very powerful amazonian eye drop made from the roots and bark of a shrub called Apocynaceae from within the sacred forest of Amazon. Traditionally Sananga has been used by the indigenous tribes of Brazil to sharpen their vision, awareness and extra sensory perceptions to stay focused and strong. Sananga helps to cleans on very deep levels helping to open up the inner vision of the third eye and to decalcify and activate the pineal gland. Elowinz sound reflects the idea of Sananga translated in music: deep percussions and driving bass lines assembled with organic sounds and leads are creating very powerful trance/foresty and mystical atmospheres which aim to take the listeners into an inner journey of self-discovery and for the one who just want to have fun on the dance floor?..well??Elowinz tunes are also full of inputs for a strong dance session ! Parvati Records & Elowinz invite you to listen and purchase this EP directly from the Label?s homepage and thank you for the support :) Psychedelically Yours Parvati Records & Elowinz


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