Phantasm Records - NERVASYSTEM - Brainradio


Label: Phantasm Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 27 July 2016

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Here it is! The brand spanking new Nervasystem album. It's good. You should buy it. Twice! It's not retro. It's not generic or boring. It's psychedelick as fuck. It's music to wobble your jelly and slap you round a bit before blissing you out on a cruise through the zone and across the universe to far shores and trails of stardust. This is the new music. Get hip, speed up, run backwards, love each other. Love and lashings of Frequency Drezz PS....It's even better than that as it's got some of the finest artists ever gathered in one place both from the golden age and into the future......... It's all there and more...........pushing forward to the further place, in the zone eternal.................waves of energy, pulsing and throbbing forever from the other to your binaural receivers.......... Yin Yang Yes No Stop Go. Peace. (for everyone)


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