Power House - ACID SYNDROME - Simulation (pwrep139)

Simulation (pwrep139)

Label: Power House
Genre: Progressive
Release Date: 08 June 2015

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Digital Album

Simulation (pwrep139)



Power House is ecstatic to present a new release from Acid Syndrome titled Simulation with 4 all original deep, groovy, melodic and introspective Progressive Psytrance tunes for your brain and feet. Brothers Angel and Eduardo Castillo continuing to impress the world and will keep pumping out killer beats from their headquarters in Mexico City, their style is focused and powerful and will get everyone onto their feet and moving. Formed in early 2013 as a production team from Mexico, the duo drew their original influences from traditional trance, but their taste evolved and soon they were irresistibly drawn to psy trance. Their first EP debuted in late 2013, already showing signs of their Goa and psy trance influence. After much experimentation and development of their production skills Acid Syndrome found their calling in progressive psy trance.


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