Quadrivium Records - .Various - Primal Cymatics

Primal Cymatics

Label: Quadrivium Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 11 March 2018

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Digital Album

Primal Cymatics



Quadrivium crew is very proud to present you their first compilation. We try to represent through our creations the evolution of human knowledge and perceptions of our strange and amazing world. During the evolution of our species, our conception of the world has never stop changing. Our beliefs, everyday discoveries and environments have been modeled by what we feel, think and see, following our everyday transformations as conscious beings. We translated theses states of mind into rituals, spirituality, ways of living, artistic and scientific concepts. We are now reinterpreting this process, as a surrealistic vision of human evolution through time. With this one, we bring you the atmospheres of primitive ages, the time of animistic rituals and nomadic tribes. Our artists tried to get you in touch with the universal primal instinct that resides in all of us : this need of gathering, connecting our energies and thoughts through dance and exchange, as a celebration of Life. Floating into dark emotions and natural environments, tribal elements and magic sound designs, our singing frequencies and imaginary animals invite you to dive in this revisited past, at the edge of reality. These are the first steps of the Quadrivium Tribe, our Primal Cymatics. Compiled by Dewaka & Dhatri Mastered by Petran Artwork by Fractal-Metatron Release Date : March 11, 2018


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