Random Records - ODD HARMONIC & SCOZBOR - Oddbor


Label: Random Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 09 February 2018

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Digital Album



Aft'r a recent diveth on the wrecketh of the SS.Porta-Ambience, odd harnomic art not backeth with 5 new tracks! These fusty tapes w're hath found in the gauntlet compartment of boris the kombi, entrapp'd in the cargo hull of the wreck'd ship. Once we hath found a w'rking 3.5" driveth, we w're amaz'd at what w're hath heard! Bursts of robot did control radio, mangrove-rust'd guitar scrapes, angelic uni inhorn man groans, deep wat'r hoov'rs, and of course nev'r ending LFO > Pitcheth lines of bass. Buckle up, biteth down on a sticketh, and has't a bucket handy! Music by Andrew Stephens and Kevin Babbage Mastered by Joey Dianos @ Lemon Sauce Labs Artwork by Sarah Stephens


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