Sun Department Records - TOPHOO - Signs Of Culture

Signs Of Culture

Label: Sun Department Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 25 June 2018

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Digital Album

Signs Of Culture



We are proud to present the second release of Tophoo on Sun Department Records! Culture (from lat.: ?cultura?) is the social behaviour and norms in human society. In general It could be described as a consequence of human perception of environment and it?s effect on the behaviour and creation of a group of people. That?s why culture is as old as human started to organize themselves in groups. Therefore signs of culture can be anything from stone tools to settlement structures but also anything expressing the collective or very own conception of emotion, spiritualism and reality such as cave paintings, grave goods or modern street art. Music itself is one oft the most mysterious signs of culture as we have no clue what the music of ancient cultures sounded like. This EP "Signs of Culture" is driven by Psychedelic Athmospheres, complex melodies and tribal chants and tries to emerge a connection between modern society and our imagination of the ancient cultures.


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