Soulectro Music - DARK, ROLL - Organic Trance

Organic Trance

Label: Soulectro Music
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 13 November 2020

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Digital Album

Organic Trance



Soulectro Music is Proud To Present: Dark & Roll - Organic Trance [Album] The long awaited album by Dark & Roll has finaly arrived. 10 original tracks that reflects the organic side of trance music. Album that includes lots of animals and scary night creatures , organic rain forests sounds that mixed up gently with that psychedelic dark atmosphere. Dark & ??Roll is well known with his unique dark forest style, its always interesting and kicking at the same time. In his first studio album he delivers us 10 hypnotic psychedelic stories, twisted bizarre and intelligent dark atmosphere that you can listen to only in this unique project . that atmosphere takes the listener into new dimensions in dark forest trance music. Most of the tracks was written around 2017 and were played around the world since then, the feedbacks in the dance floors was always amazing , now you are also welcome to enjoy this Trip. All Tracks Were Written, Produced, Mixed & Mastered By Edi Alterman. Graphic Design by : Fernando Fetex


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