Samaa Records - SYNERGIC - Losing Gravity

Losing Gravity

Label: Samaa Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 21 January 2019

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Digital Album

Losing Gravity



We at Samaa Records are delighted to start the magical year of 2019 with our 10th digital EP release titled ?Losing Gravity) by Synergic. Synergic is a project formed by Torgen Eismann & Benjamin Neiss from Germany. Their first contact with the magic of psytrance happened in 1998, and since then they never looked back. While both of them come from a heavy metal background, their new-found love for psychedelic trance soon took over completely, and so the Synergic project was born. Blending dark atmospheres, floating melodies, and deep pulsating rhythms, Synergic has crafted a healing elixir for night and morning to lift your spirits and catapult you into ecstatic dimensions of sound.


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