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Digital Album

Spun Sugar



Merlyn Silva returns with an energising collection of sun-drenched beats and playful melodies. The Spun Sugar E.P. sees a departure from the downbeat wonkiness of his previous releases, embracing a more dancefloor-friendly, house-inspired vibration, conjuring images of tropical landscapes and long summer evenings. Inflatable Donut invites you upon a squelchy, analog stompfest; a mid-tempo mooch to a backdrop of circus silliness and uplifting vocals. Title track Spun Sugar takes a turn for the deep, it's driving bass underpinning layers of dreamy instruments and hypnotic arpeggios. Merlyn's remix of Multiphase's progressive masterpiece Haze Of Our Lives wraps up the E.P. with a cozy fusion of halftime breaks, creamy pads and euphoric synths.


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