Sofa Beats Records - KALAHA, HILAL KAYA - Eymen

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The award winning and genre bending Danish band Kalaha consists of the two electronic producers Rumpistol & Spejderrobot plus the live drummer Emil de Waal and guitarist Niclas Knudsen. On "Eymen" they are joined by Turkish singer Hilal Kaya on vocals on a track that pays tribute to Turkish psych-funk of the seventies. The remix is the product of a chance meeting, a sonic soundclash in July 2019 where Kenneth 'Junglelyd' Rasmussen invited fellow Aarhus-based producer Merlyn Silva and Cuzco's own HUAYNOTto join him DJing on a scorching summer day at the city's annual 'Bas Under Buen' festival. After a tropical set of latin vibes, dub effects and Andean flute jams, they decided to form a production collective together, with the centerstone of their shared love of Cumbia. Already big fans of Kalaha, the group were thrilled to get the opportunity to remix Eymen, and add their twist of peak-time latin grooves with a psychedelic twist..


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