Sofa Beats Records - TAKKRA - Universal Medicine

Universal Medicine

Label: Sofa Beats Records
Genre: Downtempo
Release Date: 28 September 2020

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Digital Album

Universal Medicine



Takkra's third full length album Universal Medicine explores deeper into soft, mystical, psychedelic soundscapes. Utilizing hypnotic vocals, cinematic guitars, ethnic wind instruments, tongue drums and complex layering of soothing synth textures. The beats have gone a bit punchier, perhaps more dancefloor compatible, but the overall sound still carries healing, medicinal qualities. The musical styles on the album vary from psypop to chillout through downtempo to more high energy dancefloor bangers. Although Takkra is considered as David's personal project, there have been several talented individuals collaborating on Universal Medicine, such as Mr Dure (a long time band member and creative partner) on multiple instruments, Aurafood on synths, Juli Szomr


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