Spiral Trax Records - .Various - Goa Trance & Progressive Spiral Trax Volume 4

Goa Trance & Progressive Spiral Trax Volume 4

Label: Spiral Trax Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 02 July 2019

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CD Album

Goa Trance & Progressive Spiral Trax Volume 4



Spiral Trax is back with a top-shelf collection of our choice selections spanning progressive and Psychedelic Goa Trance. This top-shelf compilation focuses on our stellar catalog hits packed with so many gems it was obviously time to present the next volume. Featuring the hit parade of International superstars and top Scandinavian favorites as well as many talented newer faces this compilation is just in time for the summer season to remind you why you love Spiral Trax! This double-length compendium provides perfect tunes from leading producers Mindcraft aka MFG, Echotek, Alien Project, Shanti, Etnica, Astro-D, Mechanix, Miranda and more! Top remixers U.S.B., Tech Tune, Predators, Duall, Chris Oblivion, Astro-D and Villa Violet join front liners Funky Dragon, GMS, ManMadeMan, California Sunshine, The Overlords and AudioStorm. Disc two takes us on an uplifting Progressive Psytrance and pumping techno trance trajectory on our well rounded and thoroughly satisfying Spiral Excursion. Enjoy winners from Smoke Sign, Shogan, Monolock, Electit, Franz Johann, Illegal Substances, Infinity, Noiland and Lost Shaman. Our new album of pure quality dance music takes you on an exquisite voyage across space and time giving you a plush ride to truly set the stage for a blissful trance year! Thanks for all your support and we look forward to joining you in 2019 for a marvelous new season of joy and fun with great old friends and many new ones too!


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