Suntrip Records - DIMENSION 5 - TransAddendum


Label: Suntrip Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 06 February 2013

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One of the biggest legends of goa-trance, Dimension 5, is back! More than ten years after their latest album, they are ready to kick ass with a new mindblowing experience: TransAddendum!?? Dimension 5 ? Transdimensional is, even today, one of the most acclaimed and best known cds from the melodic goa-trance scene! Their follow up, second phase was a huge hit too, but since then, it was silent for 10 years? until now! Their new album TransAddendum features music that was made in the 90s, but never made it onto cd for some reason? Time to release them so people realise, again, that old is gold! ? The album starts with Altair, a rather dreamy and deep trance track, followed by Zarkon, the original, more acidic remix of a track released on Phantasm Records.?The next 4 tracks are fantastic, typical Dimension 5 dancefloor stormers! A strong kick, a nice groove, lots of acid-sounds, hypnotic melodies and lots of psychedelic effects! The last 2 tracks are more in the ?Second Phaze? style? Deeper and more trancy, but great nevertheless! ??Are you ready to dive into the 5th Dimension? Go for it!? Like usual this album is crystal-clear mastered by Tim Schuldt!


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