Suntrip Records - CLEMENTZ - Kretsløp New

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Label: Suntrip Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 02 May 2020

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Suntrip is proud to present the debut album of Clementz called Kretsløp, filled with fierce full power acidic spiralling goa-trance like in the old days! Hans Henrik Clementz, a Norwegian goa-trance collector for a long time, released over 10 track on various labels before! His talent was noticed and the result was one of the most intense goa-trance albums in a while! His music is maximal, twisted acid goa-trance, enriched with twirly melodies and a spiritual touch on top of that! The album starts with the more intense, 303-influenced tracks, flowing towards some absolute dancefloor bonkers. The second part of the album has more focuse on melodies, but remain furious dancefloor stompers! If you want to have a mindblowing experience at home, or you want to let a party-crowd reach oblivion while trancing... Search no more! Kretsløp is your hidden weapon!


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