Synergetic Records - POP ART - Clean Taste

Clean Taste

Label: Synergetic Records
Genre: Progressive
Release Date: 20 March 2013

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CD Album

Clean Taste



Synergetic Records is more than proud to present the debut album 'Clean Taste', by Israeli multi-talent musician Pop Art. Pop Art, who is also known as famous psytrance full-on producer Indra, comes up with his brand new debut album holding 8 previously unreleased tracks and an additional bonus remix to Liquid Soul's masterpiece 'Hypnotic Energy'. The Album is the total manifest to what progressive psytrance stands for namely pumping and rolling basslines coupled with energetic sonic elements. Again Pop Art shows his production skills and sensitive feeling for emotional story-telling. Nevertheless he joined up with other talented producers such as Kopel, Omiki (aka Analyzer) and Q.U.A.K.E (part of Faders). So check the demos and grab your copy of this wonderful progressive experience!


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