Tryptech Records - .Various - Digital Trips

Digital Trips

Label: Tryptech Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 01 October 2019

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Digital Album

Digital Trips



The very spaces that define our natural state of being now dominated by the advent of technology strive to find a balance between this synthesis of modernity and nature. What once was is now a distant seed of thought amidst arbitrary recollection. But within these depths of flux sprung gradually an art fabricated of the senses subjugated to the laws of rhythm which over the course of time and evolution remained constant. With modernity came the digital age and in this flux evolved this digital art form keeping up with that of its surroundings and in attempting to parallel this swiftness of life was born this indelible entity an amalgamation of rhythm under this digital periphery and all which it entails. Gear up to explore a mind bending consortium of technologically infused psychedelia tuned specifically to alter your metaphysical states of being. Lets Take a Digital Trip To Altered State of Mind Ecstatic Journey.


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