Treetrolla Records - .Various - Skogs Språk

Skogs Språk

Label: Treetrolla Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 28 August 2020

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Digital Album

Skogs Språk



Here in the Treetrolla laboratories we are glad to focus your attention on a new sonic map to a treasured divine language of father-forest. He is fated to exist in space and time to become the bridge between worlds. The wanderer who comprehends it will find the great force and wisdom, an invaluable gift in knowledge and unity with nature. This compilation consist of nine fragments of time in space which arose in our midst through creative minds who can hear the plan and been choosen to bring message. Collage of fragments form a continuous flow of a divine song which will lead the way. Listen to its vibration, explore the sound, and following it will guide you to the glade where the Skogs Sprak happens.


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