Sangoma Records - .Various - Stop Wars: A New Dope

Stop Wars: A New Dope

Label: Sangoma Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 15 June 2015

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Digital Album

Stop Wars: A New Dope



Sangoma Records proudly presents a blockbusting addition to its array of releases: The "Stop Wars EP" series, a triple EP digital release, compiled by our germanoid label DJ sG4rY. This release is not meant to be only a homage to movies we all love, but also a humorous approach and a statement from Sangoma Records, for a peaceful and nonviolent world in turbulent times like these. This first episode "A new Dope", of the saga contains 5 action packed tunes, ranging from 146 Bpm to 152 Bpm for all you Yoga Jedis, Shanti Skywalkers, and even those who prefer the dark side of the force for whatever reason. Crispy clear three-dimensional sounds mastered by Tron, which shoot straight into orbit to experience and reenact some great science fiction memories, and mad fantasies. Wars should remain as science fiction, and not become reality - may the force be with us.


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