Sangoma Records - EGON S EMBRACE - Past is Prologue

Past is Prologue

Label: Sangoma Records
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 15 July 2019

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Digital Album

Past is Prologue



We at Sangoma Records proudly present the EP of our newest signing Egon?s Embrace, a US-based Serbian psychedelic trance producer, and professor who draws his inspiration from the foresty, organic Macedonian Psychedelic sound. Mladjo Ivanovic describes making music as a form of personal therapy. ?It is an alter ego that enables me to bleed my heart out, scream, laugh and dance at the same time. As such, it is an ongoing metamorphosis that allows me to explore parts of my personality that are often impossible to explore in everyday life. My music is very personal and expressive testimony to challenging, often harrowing, periods that we all encounter during our lives. It is a combination of despair, melancholy, joy, and hope and reflects a personal journey and arrival in a different (often positive) new place. The sonic vision and emotional honesty that drive my music are lush and intoxicating?. In the end, although Egon's Embrace is drawn towards the darker psychedelic sound, there is still a bit of a dreamer in it otherwise. Sangoma Records?Strong organic medicine


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