Tzolkin Productions - .Various - Halaken


Label: Tzolkin Productions
Genre: Psytrance
Release Date: 31 March 2018

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The Mayans thought that we are all an integral part of a single gigantic organism. The Buddhists, similarly, believe that we belong to a higher reality, that we are part of a giant All and that this giant All is alive within each one. According to the Maya, the mineral, vegetable, animal kingdom and all the matter scattered throughout the universe at all scales, from an atom to a galaxy, are living beings with an evolving consciousness. When men wake up and realize that single gigantic organism, all relationships will be based on tolerance and flexibility, judgments and moral values ??will end, for man will feel other men as another part of himself same. The Mayans expressed that concept of unity in their daily greeting, when they met they said: "IN LAK'ECH", which means "I am another you", to which they replied: "HALA KEN", which means: "you are another me"


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